DarkSide Crypter

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11 февраля 2015
#1 wolsheg uid#7118 Представляю Вашему вниманию DarkSide Crypter.

It is a well coded polymorphic crypter. The loader is coded with Delphi and Inline ASM.

*Copies will be limited.

♦ Crypts PE32 files
♦ Supports .Net dependent malware.
♦ Supports 32/64 bit Windows
♦ Multiple execution methods: RunPE/Relocation/Remote thread with failovers(this means if the selected method can't be executed it will failover to another, all execution functions are shellcoded and called dynamically at runtime).
♦ Storage method: section
♦ Multiple anti-emulation methods
♦ Code complexity
♦ Runtime polymorphism: as the most of functions are coded in ASM or shellcoded and there are two methods of each, depending on random generated number multiple times upon each run the runtime execution will differ completely.
♦ Icon changer
♦ Version info cloner
♦ Startup option
♦ Detects and preserves EOF data
♦ File analysis
♦ PE optimization
♦ Integrated scan4you scanner

Offering single stubs and monthly subscriptions.
Price: $150/stub. Monthly subscriptions available(PM).
I have the right to ignore any buy request if I don't think the buyer should use my product.
Sales are limited to 5 people only.

Product is most suitable for botnet owners.
Contact details for this product will be given through PM once the buy request is accepted.

Оплата: BTC/Skrill/Western Union/MoneyGram/WMZ
Контакты: ICQ 379798258 или PM.
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